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  • Decisions on Women’s Choice should be made by the woman, their family, and their doctors and not politicians.

  • Women who have financial means can get abortions in states that permit it.Women and families that do not have the financial means to raise a child do not get adequate financial support from the government and may not be able to travel to another state for an abortion.

  • Women die who cannot get abortions legally due to restrictive abortion bans.  Where is their right to life?

The Forefront of My Agenda:

  • Rebuilding the middle class by closing the wealth gap between the 90% and 10%. Corporate greed is widening the gap.

  • Protecting our environment & drinking water.

  • Women's Choice, LGBTQ+, Voters, and “Rights for All” should be safeguarded.

  • Preserving & Protecting our democracy.

  • Advocating for sensible gun safety measures.

  • Reforming insurance.

  • Securing Medicare & Social Security.

  • Increase FEMA services, funding, and reduce red tape.

  • Affordable Housing

  • Reform immigration laws.

  • Government Reforms; Balanced Budget, Filibuster, Term Limits, Accountability, and Lobbyist Influence.

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