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Border Security

  • I am a hardliner on border security.  We need to ensure that the people who we let in legally are qualified and safe.

  • Turn away illegals or direct them to enter legally.

  • We need more agents, judges, technology, and courts.

  • Border security forces are in short supply.  Until we can increase the security budget. We should place the military at the border to strengthen enforcement.

  • We have three borders. Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean.  We need to protect all three borders. It makes no sense in leaving one border unprotected. China is investing and making a strong presence in the Caribbean by buying up companies across the Caribbean including Cuba, 90 miles from the United States. Russia is making a stronger presence in Cuba. North Korea is making stronger ties with Russia and China that could lead to their presence in the Caribbean as well.  We do not act soon it may too late.

  • Reestablish a stronger presence in Puerto Rico. 

  • Remove the Cuban embargo which would change the political and economic environment in Cuba making Cuba more favorable to the United States.

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