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U.S. House of Representatives
District 17

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Common Sense Government is civility, compromise when needed, working across the aisle, being social with all congressmen, working for the common good of the people.


Common Sense Governance rooted in Democratic Principles and Values will be my guidance. My mission is to represent you and all the constituents in Charlotte, Lee, and Sarasota counties, focusing on key issues crucial to District 17.

Preserving our Democracy, Climate Change, Immigration, Rebuilding the Middle Class by closing the wealth gap between the 90% and 10%, Protecting Our Environment & Water, Safeguarding Women's Choice & Rights of Others, Securing Medicare & Social Security, Term Limits, Affordable Housing, fight Corporate Greed, and advocating for sensible Gun Safety measures are at the forefront of my agenda.

My opponent, Greg Steube, has overlooked the diverse needs of District 17, catering to a select few within his party. Despite voting against legislation that has recently brought $350 million to our district, he attempts to claim credit. Steube votes against women's choice & rights of others, funding the Ukraine war, the PACT act, reasonable gun regulation, accepting the 2020 election results, awarding Capitol Police heroes who saved congressmen's lives January 6th, and he supports the dismantling of our Constitution & Democracy.


My extensive background in various fields and diverse life experiences coupled with my commitment to public service positions me as a candidate with a unique perspective and a deep understanding of the needs of the people I aim to represent. I will relentlessly work to help the people of District 17 to achieve their American Dream. A Representative for all the people. Vote Manny Lopez for Congress.



Paid and Approved by Manny Lopez for Congress, Democrat

Common Sense Governance
"...for the People"
"...with Liberty and Justice for All"
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