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I voluntarily changed most jobs after one through three years to experience other things and
ways of life. Many people have a bucket list.  Since, 18 years old, I have had a dump truck list I wanted to experience. I often worked two jobs at once and many very part-time during my homeless period. My diverse and broad background has prepared me to be your Congressman with empathy, understanding, and care due to having been in many shoes.


Working Class Experience 

  • Construction laborer

  • Fisherman

  • House painter

  • Ditch digger

Blue Collar Experience

  • Southern Bell when there was one phone company in the United States as a PBX
    repairman in Miami.

  • Fireman for Key West and the Boca Chica Naval Air Station.

  • Realtor License for over 20 years between Florida and Texas.

  • Teacher of Special Education at both Booker and King Middle Schools.

  • Various sales; autos, security systems, vacations, & others.

  • Home health care.

  • Secretary of Moose Lodge 1760

  • U.S. Army as an E-5 Sergeant, disabled


Executive Experience

  • School Board Member of Whitney, Texas

  • Executive Director of Chamber of Commerce in Hillsboro, Texas – Managing small business, economic  & tourism development.

  • District Executive of Boy Scouts of America in Texas - Managing 12 counties in High

  • Adventure Explorer Scouts program and all scouting programs in 4 counties.

  • Executive Board of Central Texas Economic Development District – Overseeing & coordinating infrastructure, services, transportation, education, & industrial parks.

  • Board Member of Cause Inc. in Texas - Overseeing all federal & state social and welfare programs in  multiple counties.

  • Chairman of Hill County Extension Service – Overseeing services for livestock & agriculture businesses, and the community.

  • Member of Monroe County Port Authority Board – Overseeing Airport and Marine activities.

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