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  • Decisions on Women’s Choice should be made by the woman, their family, and their doctors and not politicians.

  • Women who have financial means can get abortions in states that permit it.Women and families that do not have the financial means to raise a child do not get adequate financial support from the government and may not be able to travel to another state for an abortion.

  • Women die who cannot get abortions legally due to restrictive abortion bans.  Where is their right to life?

Rebuild the Middle Class

Close the income gap between the 90% and the 10%. Money spent on the 90% circulates the community in the multiplier affect then works its way to the top.When money is spent at the top, it does not trickle down to the bottom.However, Trickle Up Economy benefits all.

More taxpayer money needs to spent on Taxpayers.  The more money that gets in the hands of the 90% taxpayers the more the economy gets stimulated.

We need to support our allies and humanitarian aid around the world.  But only after we take care of our citizens first; we can do both. 

Areas that Affect the Economy of the Middle Class

  • Insurance Reform.

  • Affordable Housing.

  • Medicare Negotiate drug prices like the VA.

  • Eliminate big businesses paying no taxes.

  • Enhanced Child Tax Credit Restoration

  • FEMA – Increase Funds & reduce red tape.

  • Revamp flood Insurance.

  • Break our dependence on Middle East oil (OPEC) which influences our gas prices more than our presidents can.

  • Support & Strengthen the Working Class

  • Protect Social Programs; Medicare, Child care. Food Stamps, etc.

  • Eliminate the earnings cap for paying into Medicare.

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