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  • Florida Keys Community College,1980, with 103 credit hours instead of the 60 credit hours needed to graduate.  I absorbed an education in many areas of interest. 

  • President of Phi Theta Kappa honor society.

  • Baylor University,1990, with majors in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Baylor provided multiple classes in both Religion and Ethics.

  • State College of Florida, 2008, with a degree in Education at Venice, Florida with four certified areas.​

  • I attended San Carlos elementary school in Key West which was the first bilingual and interracial school in the United States.  I attended from kindergarten through the third grade.  San Carlos was created for the children of Cuban expatriated exiles that organized in Florida to prepare for the revolution in the Spanish American War in Cuba. In San Carlos, I was emersed in a very political environment celebrating political change for progress and freedoms in both the United States and Cuba.

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