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Protect Our Democracy &
Government Reforms

  • Voter Rights – Voting should be made easier and less oppressive to various groups.

  • Majority Rules, Not Super Majority

  • Protect our democratic principles & Values

  • Term limits.  We need to eliminate career politicians to reduce corruption and lobbyist influence.

  • A congressman wanting to be a lobbyist should be a lobbyist and not a congressman.

  • Congressmen should not be able to be a lobbyist for 7 or 10 years to reduce political corruption.

  • Balanced Budgets should be mandated

  • Limits on campaign spending

  • Remove dark money

  • Eliminate the Congressional College

  • Filibuster Reform

  • Reform the rules that allow one congressman to stop government from functioning indefinitely like Sen. Tuberville stopping the promotion of 436 military officers for 10 months which damages our national security.

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