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Women's Choice &Human Rights

  • Decisions on Women’s Choice should be made by the woman, her family, and her doctors. Not politicians.

  • Women’s choice is a Right to privacy

  • Women who have financial means can travel to get abortions in states that permit it. Many are not able to travel to another state for an abortion. 

  • Women and families that do not have the financial means to raise a child do not get adequate financial support from the government who want to mandate that women have no choice.

  • Women die who cannot get abortions legally due to restrictive abortion bans.  Where is the Woman’s right to life?

  • Voters, voting, and voter’s registration should be made easier.

  • Affordable Health Care - Should be a right to all in a universal health care program or Medicare for all.

  • Higher and Vocational Education should be a Right. College should not strap down a student after graduation. 

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